30-Day Raffle Launched

Today we are announcing the launch of the Raffle for Restoring the Splendor of Little York Lake presented by Hage Real Estate. The month-long daily raffle will offer prizes from local merchants ranging from $20-$82, and a grand prize of $100 cash will be given on the final day of the raffle for a total of more than $1,100 in prizes. This is the first step in a multi-pronged campaign to raise significant capital for the restoration and preservation of the lake.

“We are thrilled to launch this fundraiser to support the ongoing maintenance of Upper Little York Lake,” said LYLPS President, Gary Lawrence. “We believe that the raffle will not only help us raise the funds we need but also bring attention to the critical importance of preserving our natural resources for future generations.”

Ticket sales are being launched on Saturday, June 24th and will be available through July and August. A total of 500 tickets will be sold for $10. Each ticket is valid for each of the 30 days of prizes. Participants can purchase tickets for the raffle through a member of the association, by emailing [email protected] or by calling 607-358-0339.

The daily raffle will begin on September 1st and run through September 30th. All proceeds will go toward the long-term maintenance of Upper Little York Lake, including the preservation of its wildlife, water quality, and natural beauty.

“We are grateful to our local merchants who have generously donated prizes for the raffle,” said Lawrence. “Their support is critical to the success of this campaign, and we encourage everyone to visit their businesses and show their appreciation.”

Full details of the raffle are on this page.

Boat Parade, Luminaires and Fireworks highlight Independence Celebration

Little York Lake held its annual Boat Parade with a number of exciting entries. Congratulations to Kevin Fergosi and crew for their winning entry of “Follow the Yellow Brick Road”.

Lakefront properties were festooned with luminaries, which made a return this year. LYLPS raised $150 selling them and they were sold out. Plan on continuing this tradition next year.

The evening concluded with our annual fireworks show, which was as spectacular as ever.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to another great holiday event.