2021 Work Plan Overview

Our 2021 work plan has been released Read on to learn the details

The Board has developed and approved a work plan for 2021. Below is a summary:

  • Prevention
    • Continuing support, through C-OFOKLA, of the boat steward program, CCStoptheInvasion.org
    • Support updating and improving the boat decontamination station at Dwyer Park
  • Monitoring
    • Monitor the lake through CSLAP
    • Expand the monitoring by developing a macrophyte monitoring program with Soil & Water (SWCD)
  • Treatments (see proposed treatment area)
    • Treat variable leaf milfoil in previously untreated areas, focusing on clearing it from “seed” areas.
    • Expand starry stonewort treatments
    • Explore treating pondweed in highly congested sections
  • Management
    • Support SWCD shorescaping program
    • Continue support of septic education program
    • Participate in the Tioughnioga River LWRP Update project
  • Organizational
    • Continue to build community
    • Maintain the lake management plan

You can view the full work plan here.

In addition to ongoing lake management activities, the Board is planning to pursue a treatment program targeting variable leaf milfoil (VLM), starry stonewort (SSW) and pondweed. We will follow our standard process for treatments:

  • Develop a detailed plan and budget
  • File for a permit in late January/early February
  • Notify all riparian owners by mail of our intent to treat and approximate dates
  • Conduct a public meeting to discuss any concerns
  • Raise money to cover the treatments
  • Complete the treatments

One of the key benefits of our treatment program over the past two years is the reduced amount of milfoil floating on the lake. We are asking everyone to donate to support the cost of treatment. We will also work with Soil and Water for financial support once budgets have been finalized.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please email us at [email protected].